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ControlRad Gets FDA Clearance to Use ControlRad Trace on OEC 9900 Mobile C-Arms

September 17, 2020

Several studies have shown that high radiation exposure can increase your risk of a stroke, brain cancer, DNA damage, and much more. During medical examinations, the patient and technician are both at risk of unnecessary radiation exposure, so it’s important that the radiation is controlled to ensure that the patient and technician are exposed to minimal amounts. ControlRad has a way to tackle this issue.

ControlRad is a medical company based in Atlanta, Georgia that produces novel systems to minimize radiation exposure emitted by fluoroscopically guided procedures (FGP). They are putting the safety of the patients and technicians at the forefront of their novel technology as the ControlRad trace technology aims to reduce radiation exposure without compromising the image quality of mobile C-arms.

Recently, it was announced that ControlRad obtained 510(k) clearance by the FDA. Specifically, they obtained clearance to use the ControlRad trace on OEC 9900 mobile C-arms.

The ControlRad trace system comes with a tablet, advanced image processing technology, and a filter. ControlRad suggests that unnecessary radiation exposure could be decreased by 50% with the ControlRad trace system. Another benefit is that the ControlRad trace can be easily added onto any mobile c-arm system.

When using the ControlRad trace system, the user will be prompted to select the region of interest with the tablet provided. Then the filter will adjust to focus specifically on the region of interest and then the radiation will be administered. This means that only the necessary radiation is passed through the filter, and the radiation is prevented from scattering to non-specific regions.

"We believe that ControlRad's Trace technology is vital to reducing radiation exposure in the clinical setting, and we are proud to be investors in a breakthrough technology with a great management team focused on commercial execution," stated Ryan Drant, Founder and Managing Partner, Questa Capital. 

To find out more about the ControlRad trace technology, follow the link  

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