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Dunlee’s Replacement CT Tubes for GE Optima 660 and Revolution Evo CT Scanners Obtain FDA Clearance

November 06, 2020

Dunlee has received FDA clearance for its CT tube replacement DA200P40+LMB featuring CoolGlide technology to be used on GE Optima 660 and Revolution Evo CT Scanners. Dunlee will begin delivering these in the US and around Europe by December 2020.

Dunlee is a manufacturing company that specializes in medical imaging parts. The company has more than 100 years’ worth of experience. Their vast portfolio includes x-ray tubes, generators, detectors, and much more.

Dunlee’s novel CT tube LMB DA200P40+LMB boasts an increased lifespan because the liquid metal bearing technology prevents friction, and so, there’s less damage to the system. Dunlee suggests that the LMB CT tube is also quieter, allowing the patients to relax more during their scans. Dunlee developed the LMB tubes with CoolGlide technology specifically for the GE Optima 660 and Revolution Evo CT scanners.

The CoolGlide technology uses a fluid that continuously circulates to redirect the heat produced by the CT tube. This allows the CT tube to become cooler much quicker. So, the user doesn’t have to wait around for the CT tube to cool down.

“Liquid metal bearing technology has been a proprietary technology of the major medical equipment manufacturers for many years. With this new product release, we are offering a unique, cost-effective solution, based on the latest technology,” said Jan Laheij, Commercial Lead Imaging Components, Dunlee.

The company mainly operates in the US but will be expanding to Europe once they have the MDR certification. Dunlee wants its products to be available worldwide. So, they will also be expanding to Canada, the Middle East, and China by 2021.

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