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GE Radiological Devices Prone to Hacking, Says CyberMDX

December 10, 2020

CyberMDX finds hacking vulnerability in a range of GE imaging systems.

What is CyberMDX?

CyberMDX is a specialist company with expertise in healthcare cybersecurity. CyberMDX can pinpoint vulnerabilities in any healthcare system and make the systems more secure to prevent hacking. CyberMDX help to make healthcare systems safer and hacker-proof.

What happened?

The research team at CyberMDX found hacking vulnerabilities in a range of GE imaging systems. The medical systems had unsecured communication with each other. Furthermore, hackers can potentially find the authentication credentials required for GE's maintenance protocols and thus get access to the medical equipment. This can happen because the credentials can easily be found online. Due to these vulnerabilities, hackers can get their hands on highly sensitive and private health information, modify patient data, and even affect machine operations.

"Over the past few months we've seen a steady rise in the targeting of medical devices and networks, and the medical industry is unfortunately learning the hard way the consequences of previous oversights," said Elad Luz, Head of Research at CyberMDX. "Protecting medical devices so that hospitals can ensure quality care is of utmost importance. We must continue to eliminate easy access points for hackers and ensure the highest level of patient safety is upheld across all medical facilities."

The hacking vulnerability isn't limited to one device. Several GE radiological devices have been impacted, including MRIs, CT scanners, X-Rays, and much more. You can find out which imaging systems are vulnerable by clicking here.

Since discovering the severe issue in May 2020, GE Healthcare and CyberMDX have been trying to resolve the problem together.

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