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Have Used Medical Equipment to Sell? Not Sure What To Do?

January 28, 2021

Do you have used medical equipment to sell lying around? Have you been meaning to sell it, but you’re not sure how to? Well, you are in the right place. This article will let you know how to sell your used medical equipment with ease.

Hospital Equipment vs Home Medical Equipment

We should probably distinguish between used hospital medical equipment and home medical equipment first, though. Home medical equipment is any medical equipment that can be used at home; it can include wheelchairs, beds, thermometers, feeding tubes, and much more. In comparison, hospital medical equipment comprises diagnostic and therapeutic machines, such as MRIs, ventilators, ultrasounds, CT scanners, etc.

Selling Home Medical Equipment?

Individuals usually opt for eBay, local classified ads, or Craigslist to sell their home medical equipment. We recommend you sell your home medical equipment in these places too. However, you can also donate your home medical equipment to a charity if you would like. There are plenty of non-profit medical organizations that accept home medical equipment donations. You can find out which organizations are reliable by clicking here.

Selling Hospital Equipment?

However, if you are a hospital or healthcare provider and you’d like to sell used medical equipment, we recommend using Mazree to maximize your used medical equipment’s value. Mazree specializes in buying and selling used medical equipment using a smart auction. So, rest assured, you’ll be in good hands.

Once you’re registered and become an approved seller on Mazree, how does the auction work?  Well, it’s pretty easy:

   1. Create your auction listing using your PC, tablet, or smartphone.

   2. Just sit there and enjoy while we do the rest in the background!

You’ll need to decide where to keep the used medical equipment while it’s being auctioned. You can keep your used medical equipment at your facility, or alternatively, the Mazree can pick up your equipment and transfer it to one of Mazree’s storage facilities. The latter option is excellent if you don’t have the extra space to keep the used medical equipment and would not like to rent a place to store it until it’s sold. 

Mazree facilitates the smart auction process. Once you’ve got a buyer, we will invoice the buyer, collect the buyer’s payment, and then give them pick up instructions to ensure a smooth sales transition. Once all that’s been done, we will provide you with the check for your successful sale.

Why should you use Mazree?

✅ You can set up your auction listing in a matter of minutes; it’s as easy as that!

✅ Mazree’s advanced analytics help to maximize your used medical equipment’s value by allowing you to see the trends and bids.

✅ You won’t be left in the dark when you use Mazree, as you can follow the audit trail to know exactly where you are in the auction process.

✅ You can easily access your auction listings from anywhere, including PC, tablet and phone. Our mobile app is available on android phones and iPhones.

✅ We take care of the auction behind the scenes by facilitating the auction and corresponding with the buyer, making sure the process is hassle-free and smooth for you.

✅ We are upfront with our fees; it starts as low as 8% commission.

If you are interested in Mazree’s specialist auction services, visit to sell your first item! Alternatively, if you’d like to find out more information, you can give us a call at (866) 512-5533 or email us at

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