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Hospitals: There is Value in Your Used Medical Equipment

July 19, 2020

For more than a decade I have walked the halls, storage areas, and patient rooms of over 100 different hospitals.

Whether I am in a rural community hospital or a large medical center there is a lot that every hospital has in common. They all have patients, caring staff, and skilled caregivers. They also have medical equipment of all types, ages, and conditions. Beds, pumps, x-ray machines, ultrasounds, MRI’s, CT scanners, cabinets, carts, exam tables…this list could go for a while. Much of this equipment is regularly replaced as newer, more advanced technology becomes available. But what happens to the equipment that was replaced? Surely it still has value and could likely be used somewhere else.

It does have value and should be able to be acquired by those who could utilize it. Our goal at Mazree it to make it easy for you to easily sell that medical equipment to qualified buyers around the country.  Select from our self-service option where you can easily list and sell items right from your phone, or our full-service option where we will pickup the equipment and get it listed and sold for you.  

If your hospital does not have a policy and great solution like ours in place, I highly recommend that you make it a top priority. These recovered dollars can help you fund future projects, newer equipment, and more resources.

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