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Portable MRI Wins Global New Product Innovation Award

October 22, 2020

Frost and Sullivan have awarded the Swoop™ portable MRI system for the 2020 Global New Product Innovation Award. Every year, Frost and Sullivan recognize and present the award to a company with innovative and cutting-edge technology.

The Swoop™ portable MRI system is a novel medical imaging system that was developed by a company called Hyperfine – it boasts of being the first-ever mobile MRI system in the world. The Swoop™ system has wheels and can be easily transported to and from the patient's bedside. Furthermore, an MRI technician can easily manage the Swoop™ system with a tablet.  

"Nearly six years ago, we had a crazy vision to create a new product category for imaging: an affordable point-of-care MRI system. With our Swoop™ now readily available in the US, we are disrupting current practices by enabling bedside diagnostic neuroimages, proving particularly effective in time-critical indications like stroke and COVID," said Jonathan Rothberg, PhD, founder and chairman of Hyperfine.

The Swoop™ system stands tall at 160 cm and weighs 635 kg making it relatively light compared to standard MRI machines. The Swoop™ system is a versatile piece of equipment that can be readily used for medical imaging alongside pre-existing MRI machines to reduce waiting times and improve patients' accessibility.

"Hyperfine's Swoop™ Portable MRI system incorporates progressive image reconstruction while the scan is in progress to display images on the screen after just 10% of the scan completes. The low-field MRI system allows family members to comfort patients—mainly children—during the scanning procedure, reducing the need for sedation," said Poornima Srinivasan, Consultant at Frost & Sullivan.

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