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Subtle Medical Secures $12.2 Million for AI Imaging Solutions

November 30, 2020

Subtle Medical secure $12.2 million in their latest funding round to develop AI imaging technology. Subtle Medical is a medical software company that provides AI-powered software to help improve the patient experience and for workflow management.  

Subtle Medical is the first company to have approved AI tech. Their expansive portfolio includes SubtleMR™ and SubtlePET™, both of which have been approved by the FDA and have the CE mark of approval.

Subtle Medical's highly versatile software can be paired with any MRI or PET machine. The software uses deep learning algorithms to improve imaging during a scan. The software is already being used in more than 50 locations across the globe, including the US. Previous studies have also verified the safety and efficiency of the software, further adding trust in Subtle Medical's technology.

The financial boost from 3E Bioventures Capital and other seed investors will further expand Subtle Medical's portfolio. This includes the development of SubtleGAD™, which is up and coming in the company's pipeline.

"Our mission is to make medical imaging better, safer and more comfortable for patients while creating new workflow efficiencies for hospitals and imaging centers. Having the financial support and domain expertise in healthcare and biopharma from 3E Bioventures will help us execute our vision more rapidly and with global impact," said Dr Enhao Gong, Founder & CEO, Subtle Medical.

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