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Good People Out There

March 30, 2020

With the outbreak of COVID-19, we all know that ventilators are in critical need.  As a company that helps hospitals sell their used medical equipment, we had a ventilator that we sold on our auction site just before the outbreak for $650.  The company that purchased it, is a used medical equipment dealer out of New York.  As a re-seller their goal is to buy used medical equipment at low price, re-furbish and re-certify it, and sell it for as much as they can. 

Once the coronavirus outbreak became more severe that used ventilator was suddenly worth A LOT more.  This buyer could have easily resold it to a NY hospital for over $20,000 (remember they purchased it for $650).  Instead, the buyer reached out to me and asked if we could package it, and use their UPS account to overnight the ventilator to a hospital who could desperately use it in New York.  "We are donating it to them", he explained.  
They could have sold it for 20x more than what they purchased it for, but they made the decision to donate it to a hospital in need.  There are some good people in the world and it's times like these when those people shine even brighter.