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Supply Management Month: Streamline your Supply Chain

March 31, 2015

March is ISM Supply Management Month! As the industry gains more visibility we at Mazree would like to showcase the latest developments that can streamline your supply chain in celebration of this special month. Our latest developments include:

Innovative and user-friendly Bid Calendar

Procurement departments can now organize their schedule and develop bid calendars which Sales teams can then easily view.

Time saving Supplier Segmentation

Segment your suppliers into easy to manage and reach groups to facilitate convenient communication.

Collaborative Rooms to efficiently communicate strategy with key suppliers

Post updates, negotiate, collaborate, and keep suppliers up to date with collaborative rooms.

With thousands of users including Covidien, ROi, and Intermountain Healthcare already involved, Mazree is continuing to facilitate more efficient supplier relations and new collaborative alliances for a fraction of the normal cost involved in supplier communication. What better way to celebrate Supply Management Month?

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Apple Watch Giveaway

March 24, 2015

Mazree is giving away an Apple Watch™ to anyone that brings a new buying organization into Mazree!  It's so simple to earn one.  Just follow these simple steps:

1.  Introduce Mazree to a Qualifying Buying Organization.

2.  Send an e-mail to giving us your name and the name of the company you are referring.  We will respond with an e-mail confirmation.

3.  Ensure that the Buying Organization completes all Required Activities for you to earn your Apple Watch™.  Once the criteria has been met, we'll have your watch delivered to you.



What is a Qualifying Buying Organization?

The company must have an annual spend (expenses and cost of goods sold) of at least $10 million per year. What are the Required Activities that the buying organization must complete for the referrer to receive the Apple Watch™?

1. Complete registration of their company profile.

2. Have at least three supply chain or procurement users associated with their company profile.

3. Publish their Bid Calendar with at least 10 upcoming projects (via Mazree's Bid Calendar tool).

4. Connect with at least 20 companies on the network.

All Required Activities must be completed before May 31, 2015 for the referrer to earn the Apple Watch™. 

What if multiple people refer the same company?

The individual that sent an e-mail (and was received by Mazree) first to informing Mazree of the referral will be the only person eligible to receive the Apple Watch™.

Can I refer my own company?

Yes. Your own company is probably the best and easiest referral you can give!

What if the company is already registered but has now completed the other Required Activities. Are they eligible?

Yes. They just need to complete the remaining Required Activities before the end date.

Can I choose any Apple Watch™?

You can select an Apple Watch Sport™ up to $399 in retail value.

Is there a limit to the number of Apple Watches Mazree will give away?

Yes. We are limiting the number of Apple Watch™ giveaways to the first 10 that are earned.

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Notebooks are so 4th Grade

January 22, 2015

Paper is loved.  Paper is good for paper airplanes, great for blowing noses, and comes in handy next to toilets.  But paper is less than grand for managing notes with your suppliers or customers.  

Below are our top five reasons why notes with your customers and suppliers belong on and not in your notebooks or (dare we say) your CRM system.  

1. Notes on paper are like finding David Bowie in the Labyrinth
Paper is difficult to keep organized.  Have you ever sat in a meeting turning the pages back in your notebook to try and find your latest notes for a particular company?  In Mazree just jump to their company profile and click on notes - you'll see all the latest notes in that company (each one date stamped).
2. Notebooks do not easily sail from cubicle to cubicle. 
Many from your company likely interact with the same supplier or customer for various reasons (buyers, accounts receivable, sourcing, account reps, contracting, legal, etc.). You all may be missing key details from each other.  In Mazree everyone's notes are consolidated for each other bringing broader knowledge to everyone on your team.  Knowledge is like  going "over the top" in arm wrestling (obscure 80's movie reference #2)....(for those that didn't follow: "Knowledge is Power").
3. People leave and so do their notebooks.  
Here is an often told story at most companies:  "Bob who managed this key company relationship left and so did all of his history and interactions with that key company.  It was in his head or is some random notebook.  Now it is like starting all over."  Don't start a relationship over just because Bob took a different job - ask Bob to store all of his notes in Mazree and when Bob leaves, his notes stay.
4. Don't listen to your inner college voice: Relationships Do Matter.  
For all you sales people out there that sometimes take notes in your CRM (i.e. Salesforce) take note (literally).  Unlike your CRM system, notes in Mazree can be shared with your customer.  What a novel idea!  You want to build partnerships?  Start sharing notes and collaborating with each other instead of hiding action items from each other.  Can you still make notes private to your own company?  Yes - we understand some notes just need to be for your blue eyes only.  But for everything else, start sharing your notes and improving the relationship.
5. You don't have the memory of Rainman. 
If you are meeting with lots of suppliers or customers it can be difficult to recall all of the discussions or action items.  If you make it a habit to track all of your notes in Mazree, there is only one thing you need to remember: "My notes are in Mazree."
Hopefully, these five reasons motivate you to make a change to - make your job easier and save a forest in the process.  Notes in Mazree just make sense.

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