their used medical, technology and facility
equipment from businesses.

Sell Used Medical Equipment

Why Sell Used Medical Equipment on Mazree

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Maximum Value

Sell your used equipment for
maximum value to one of the
largest speciality buyer
networks in the world.

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Your Store

Have your own store where
buyers can visit, view and
bid on all the items you
have available.

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Easy Process

From listing your item to the buyer
picking it up, we make it easy for you
to list and sell your equipment. We
facilitate the auction, run the
marketing, invoice the winning buyer and collect payment for you.

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Mobile App

List items anytime, anywhere
with the Mazree Smart
Auctions mobile app.

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Audit Trail

Have a clear record for every
asset that you sell, who you sold
it to, how much you sold it for
and when they picked it up.

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Employee Portal

Provide your employees with
more benefits provide you with
custom portal to sell some or all
items to only your employees.

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Redeployment Portal

Enable your other locations to
view and request assets to be
redeployed to them before you
sell enabling you to maximize the
value of the equipment you own.

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Gain insight and detail into all
the assets you sell with our
Analytics tools. See trends, bids,
item views, categories and more.