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Who Buys Used Medical Equipment? And How to Find Them!

February 02, 2021

You'll be surprised to know you can get many buyers for your used medical equipment. That's because the global used medical equipment market is booming. Experts suggest that the global pre-owned medical equipment market will be worth over $8.7 billion by 2025. Therefore, there is a high demand for used medical equipment at the moment.

There are various types of people wanting to buy used medical equipment like healthcare providers, the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), private companies, and even charities. Used medical equipment is an attractive choice for many nowadays because it's very expensive to purchase the latest medical equipment. It's less wasteful and cheaper to buy used medical equipment instead.  

Types of Medical Equipment Buyers


Many OEMs are interested in used medical equipment. They may want to repurchase the medical equipment from you and refurbish the device to sell to their customers. Some OEMs have schemes such as trade-in or buyback. However, you might not maximize the money you can get when selling to OEMs.

Healthcare Providers

Other buyers can be healthcare providers, such as hospitals. Hospitals will often buy and sell used medical equipment to other hospitals directly. Although more recently, hospitals are turning towards websites like Mazree because this allows them to reach more buyers that aren't in their usual network and maximize profits.

If needed, when the medical equipment is being auctioned, essential space can be freed up in the hospital for other equipment pieces by storing the equipment in one of Mazree's storage facilities.

Private Companies

There are private companies that specialize in the sale of used and refurbished medical equipment. They will buy your used medical equipment and then sell it as a used machine, or they will refurbish it. These companies will try to resell your used medical equipment for higher prices. So, the profits won't go directly to you. The benefit of using Mazree is that you have complete control over the sales process. Your earnings are yours. We only take a small commission, starting as low as 8%, for the comprehensive services we provide.


Individuals usually donate used medical equipment to charities to help out those in need. However, be careful because some charities might resell the used medical equipment to people/organizations instead of donating it to them. You can find out which nonprofit organizations are reliable by clicking here.  

Where can I find buyers?

You can find buyers for your used medical equipment by doing a quick Google search. Websites like eBay and Craigslist will likely show up in your search results. However, we suggest using specialist websites like Mazree to buy and sell used medical equipment rather than general websites like eBay or Craigslist. This is because you might not get the full value for your used medical equipment. After all, you'll encounter general buyers, and there may not be many medical equipment buyers on there because it's a general website.

Plus, there are other things to consider, such as where the equipment would be stored while it's being sold? If needed, Mazree can take the equipment off your hands and put your used medical equipment in storage while it's being auctioned because we know it can take up a lot of space and be an inconvenience.

Furthermore, if you sell on a general website, you'll have to take care of everything. At Mazree, we facilitate the smart auction process and communicate with the buyer behind the scenes. If you want a stress-free and low fuss sale, you should definitely visit Mazree because we will connect you to thousands of buyers in the US with our smart auction in minutes!

Do you have used medical equipment that you want to get rid of? Mazree can help you sell surplus and maximize your profits. Visit to start your selling journey.

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