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Who Really Buys A Used Hospital Bed? Easily Find Buyers Now!

February 08, 2021

If you have a used hospital bed you are looking to get rid of, you might be wondering what are your options? And you’ll likely be happy to know that your used hospital bed is actually an asset you can turn into cash. In this article, we’ll talk about the various types of buyers looking for used hospital beds and how you can find them today.

Used Hospital Bed Buyers Come in Many Forms 

It is important to note that there are many different types of buyers looking for used hospital beds. This can be great for sellers, because it gives you several options when trying to sell the bed. However, it is important to note that they vary widely.

For example, some buyers are individuals that have a need for a hospital bed at home. Another possible buyer could be companies, such as medical equipment resellers or even refurbishing companies. Even smaller hospitals or clinics are often shopping for used hospital beds to replace their equipment for a reasonable price. 

As you can imagine, each type of buyer will have unique requirements and different budgets. This is important to consider when you are deciding how you would like to sell your used hospital bed(s).

Sellers of Used Hospital Beds Vary as Well

Just as we discussed the different types of buyers, it’s important to consider the different types of sellers as well. Once you identify both who your ideal buyers are, and what type of seller you are, you can determine the best way to sell your used hospital bed.

Similar to the different types of buyers, sellers often fall into the same three categories, with a slight difference. The three categories of sellers you’ll often see are: individuals, companies such as refurbishing or resellers, and hospitals, both large and small.

How Do I Find Used Hospital Bed Buyers?

Whether you’re a private seller looking to sell a single bed, or a hospital looking to sell several beds, there are a several opportunities for you to find potential buyers. We break them down for you below.

Private Sellers / Individuals

Private sellers (or individuals) typically have a single used hospital bed they are looking to sell. Sometimes, they may even have a few, depending on the circumstances. If you fall into this category, most private sellers find the best results selling their used beds on eBay or Craigslist.

If you’re an individual looking to sell a used hospital bed, it’s likely that this is your first time and you’re not sure where to start. If this sounds like you, we recommend by starting with some basic research on eBay. You can simply search for “used hospital bed” on eBay and you’ll end up on a page like this where you can get familiar with the different types of beds, conditions and what they are currently selling for. This will help you understand how you should price your used hospital bed, and what shipping methods to offer.

Additionally, by viewing a few listings, you’ll discover what information is important to include on your listing to improve your chances of selling your bed quickly for a fair price.


Hospitals typically have multiple used hospital beds they are looking to sell and are looking for the easiest way to turn their used hospital beds into cash. Afterall, a hospital’s primary focus is helping patients get better, not reselling hospital equipment.

There are many options for hospitals that are looking to sell their used equipment. One option is to partner with a local company that refurbishes medical equipment and resells it. Another option is to partner with smaller hospitals or clinics in the surrounding areas, as they are often looking for discounted medical equipment to stretch their budgets as far as possible.

However, many hospitals may find that there are not such needs in their area or may not know where those needs exist. The good news is that there is another option that lets the hospitals easily list their used medical equipment, and lets potential buyers come to them via online smart auctions!

Mazree is the online auction platform where hospitals can easily sell their used medical equipment to buyers, including used hospital beds. We help sellers easily sell their surplus and used medical equipment to validated, reputable buyers within our network. With Mazree, you get the transparency and insight of being able to audit the entire bidding process at any time, while knowing your organization is getting maximum value for your surplus. And it only takes a few clicks!

Can Mazree Help Me Sell a Used Hospital Bed?

This is a question we get asked all the time. If you represent a hospital that is looking to turn their surplus or used medical equipment into cash, then Mazree can help you! We have a vast network of potential buyers, including buyers that refurbish equipment, resellers and smaller hospitals and clinics.

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